Rapid File Database

A flat file database program dating back to the 1986 which was extremely rapid and efficient at what it did. We have acquired an expertise in upgrading Rapid File databases to more up-to-date databases, ie: MS Access and MySQL.

Rapid File Database Login

Rapid File Database was a very efficient DOS based database. It was extremely fast, but its main drawback is that it is not multi-user accessible. One good point thought, in my experience, is the fact that the data can be extracted and transferred into a new database quite easily.

I have successfully migrated clients from Rapid File to MS Access. Beyond being able to build a much more efficient and user-friendly database to replace Rapid File, I was able to extract and migrate 100% of their data so that they took off right from where they left off!

If you are still using a Rapid File Database and are looking to upgrade to a more modern database tool to gain in performance and usability, then give me a call today to find out just what can be done! I can provide you with a full range of support for your Rapid File Database.