MS Access Database Development, Help, Training & Support

I specialize in developing custom databases for small and medium sized businesses using MS Access. Here are a few reasons why I privilege MS Access for these types of clients:

  • Affordable – MS Access is significantly cheaper to develop and maintain that larger scale database tools such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc…
  • Even more Affordable – MS Access developer’s and consultants charge typically less than those who specialize in larger scale database systems.
  • Speed – MS Access is an all in one database / GUI development tool. Development time can take 5 times less than when using other software programs.
  • Multi-User – MS Access is completely multi-user compatible enabling your entire organization to work seamlessly together.
  • Secure – MS Access allow complete security over access to information.
  • Interoperability – MS Access can interact will many other software programs with ease. Export data to Excel, send automated confirmation E-mails, create Word documents automatically, create mailing label and envelops, etc. It can all be done using MS Access
  • Customizable – MS Access is completely customizable and can be modified to meet even the most exacting needs.
  • Popularity – MS Access is most probably the most common database format use in the corporate environment today. It makes sense to use tools that can easily be transferred, migrated, exchanged….


MS Access Database Solutions

Image Manipulations through VBA


WebCam Image Captures


Contact Management

Dynamic Administrative Messaging to your Users

Simplified Data Entry

Contact Management


Custom Ribbon(s)

MS Access is an exceptional tool to manage any type of business information. If you are looking for a local MS Access developer in the Montreal area give me a call. Even if you do not operate in the greater Montreal area, I can help you as I have for numerous clients. With the power of the internet, I can help companies anywhere in the world.

A few examples of database solutions that I have created include:

  • Medical Database – Patient tracking, medical interventions, labs, etc.
  • Financial/ Project Management Database – Deadlines, financials, lessons learned, etc.
  • Business Contact Database – Names, addresses, e-mails, letterhead & envelop generation
  • Garage/Mechanics Database – Clients, billing, etc.
  • Invoice Database – Invoices, Expenses, Travel, Clients, etc.

If you need to track information and are looking for the perfect the tool to be able to:

  • easily work with this information
  • generate various reports
  • allow multiple users to interact simultaneously

MS Access is most probably the ideal solution. Give me a call today to discuss your business needs and see how I can create the perfect solution for your business.


Support and Development of Existing MS Access Databases

One of the most common services I provide is helping companies with existing MS Access databases.

  • Did your company start a project and it has gotten out of hand?
  • Is your existing developer not meeting deadline or not producing the final product you envisioned?
  • Did you start a project and now are feeling overwhelmed?

I can easily step into existing projects to bring them to successful completion.


I bring 15+ years of MS Access development expertise and have an extensive toolbox to pull solutions from thus speeding up development in more and enabling me to provide solutions that most developers simply cannot.