Database Development and Support

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In today’s business world, data has become a critical business asset!  How you manage and interact with your data can either be a strategic advantage or your Achilles’ heel.

  • Are you tired of fighting with your spreadsheets?
  • Are you unable to get all your information in one spreadsheet, document, etc.?
  • Do you search countless documents to collect information you need to prepare statistics, reports, etc.?

I can design custom relational databases to centralize, optimize and better manage your data!  The net result will be an increase in efficiency which will save you time, and therefore money. A few examples of how my database solutions have been used:

  • Membership Tracking (a professional group – networking, gym, etc.)
  • Business Invoicing System
  • Contact Management / Client Tracking
  • Appointment Tracking
  • Project Tracking
  • Engineering Drawing Tracking / Aerospace Configuration Management

If you are a small to medium sized business then I am your MS Access database specialist. If you required a larger scale solution then I can implement database solutions such as MySQL. Whatever the case may be, I can help you streamline your information flow.


What About My Existing Data? Data Migration

Clients worry about having to ‘migrate’ their existing information into a new solution.  They express concerns about having to manually re-enter all their data. Typically, I can perform the ‘data migration’ from your existing tools into my solution making the transition as seamless and simple as possible.


Database Support

Above and beyond developing new database solutions, I can support your existing solutions, even those which I did not develop originally.  If a key individual within your organization has left, or you are not happy with the results from your existing developer, I can successfully complete an existing project.