MS Access Version History Tracking

What is the MS Access Version History Tracking

The MS Access Version History Tracking sample database enables one to easily log the version history of the database including Major and Minor Builds while logging what changes occurred between each Minor build.  You can drop this into your solution and be up and running in no time!

Over the years, I have tried all sort of version tracking approaches:

  • version number in the file name
    • Mean you need to update your launcher/links every time
  • date/time stamps
    • What do you do if you need to release multiple updates on the same day?!

and to date this is the best:

  • Your file name never changes
  • Everything is database driven (tables, forms)
  • unlimited
    • enter as many versions as you please


Below is a mockup About Form to illustrate displaying the database Version No.  This could be integrated very easily in a menu or any other form/report of your choosing.


This is the data entry form for keeping track of the database versions.  Simply enter your Major and Minor build numbers and then list all the changes that were implemented.


Take it for a Test Drive

Feel free to download a locked down mde/accde versions (both version are included in the zip file) of the database to try out by using the following link.

Download “MS Access Version History Tracking (x32 mde & x32 accde database format)” – Downloaded 1616 times – 98.19 KB


Buy MS Access Version History Tracking

MS Access Version History Tracking – Version 1.00 (Access 2013 accdb x32 bit database file format + Access 2003 mdb x32 bit database file format)

Price: $19.95


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued as the deliverable provides the complete source code.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, simply download and install the freely available runtime version:

MS Access 2007 Runtime
MS Access 2010 Runtime
Ms Access 2013 Runtime
Ms Access 2016 Runtime

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