MS Access Teamviewer Launcher

What is the MS Access Teamviewer Launcher

Take your database support up a notch, or in this case all the way to the top!

The MS Access Teamviewer Launcher is a proof of concept of how one can integrate TeamViewer QuickSupport into one MS Access database to provide full support to your end-users.

Now anyone can launch an executable (exe) file, but I take this to the next level by not only launching the TeamViewer QuickSupport executable, but then capture the TeamViewer credentials (ID and Password) and also take a screenshot of the Teamviewer application to create an e-mail to the database administrator.  As such, the database administrator receives all the information via e-mail to establish a remote connection to provide support to their application.

For this solution to work, you must have the required license(s) of TeamViewer.


The Main Form

Below is a mockup About This Database form in which I integrated a simple button used to launch the entire process.  This button could be integrated into any form or the code behind it could be called wherever you’d like.


After initiating the code, the TeamViewer QuickSupport will be launched


Finally an e-mail will be created which include a screenshot the the QuickSupport window, as well as a text version (to enable copy/paste) of the required TeamViewer credential to establish a remote connection.

The e-mail can either allow user interaction, or be sent automatically and seemlessly .

Buy MS Access Teamviewer Launcher

MS Access Teamviewer Launcher – Version 1.02 (accdb x32bit database format)

Price: $99.95


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued as the deliverable provides the complete source code.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, simply download and install the freely available runtime version:

MS Access 2007 Runtime
MS Access 2010 Runtime
Ms Access 2013 Runtime
Ms Access 2016 Runtime

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