MS Access Database Analyzer

What is the MS Access Database Analyzer

The MS Access Database Analyzer is another one of my utilities with a very specific mission: Identify the source(s) of database bloating!

This database will look over each object (tables, forms & reports) within a specified database and determine the relative size of each object.  It will then tabulate the data and present it back to you in a datasheet format, as well as a chart for easy visual analysis.

This can quickly enable you to determine the source of bloating.  Quickly find things like:

  • Forms/Reports with large images in them
  • Identify large tables
    • Could be symptomatic of the use of attachment fields!!!!

allowing you to take the necessary corrective actions.

The MS Access Database Analyzer works on single file or split databases,  plain databases, password protected databases and even databases with VBA project passwords as long as you have the password (obviously).


The Main Form

The main form allows you to

  •  Specify the database to analyze
  • Provide a database password (if one is required to open it)
  • Provide the VBA project password (if one is required to open it)


After a brief moment, you will be presented with the analysis of the various objects contained within the database to be analyzed in 2 different formats:

  • Datasheet format
    • Enabling quick and easy sorting and filtering of the results
  • Chart format
    • The chart is dynamically linked to the Datasheet.  So if you change the filter … the chart will instantaneously reflect this.



Buy MS Access Database Analyzer

MS Access Database Analyzer – Version 1.00 (Access 2013 accdb x32bit database file format)

Price: $89.95


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued as the deliverable provides the complete source code.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, simply download and install the freely available runtime version:

MS Access 2007 Runtime
MS Access 2010 Runtime
Ms Access 2013 Runtime
Ms Access 2016 Runtime

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