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Mass E-mailer

Developed for my daughter’s daycare center, the following is a simple mass emailing database to send out individual emails to recipients of various lists at the click of a button. Some people refer to this type of program as: a Mass Email program, an Email list program or a Distribution List Email program.



The basic idea was to create a tool that any non-tech-savvy individual could use to create an e-mail and send it off to a list of people at the click of a button, rather than having to either:

  • Create one email and CC or BCC everyone
    • This can lead to being blacklisted because this is considered by many ISP to be an indication of SPAM
  • Create a multitude of individual emails manually
    • This is labor intensive and leads to mistakes and typos


How does it work?

Initial setup:

  • Enter your e-mail account settings


  •  Enter the list of children

    List of Children

  • Create your Mailing Lists

    Email Distribution List Names

  • Enter the recipients and associate them to the appropriate children, and lists
    • You may enter an unlimited number of e-mail addresses for each individual recipient
    • You may link a recipient to an unlimited number of children
    • You may link a recipient to an unlimited number of e-mail distribution lists


Email Process:

  • Simply create a new email
    • Enter a Subject
    • Enter the content/body text
    • Add any attachments
    • Select which lists to send the email(s) to

      Email Creation

  • Send yourself a test e-mail to verify everything is as you wish.
  • When you are happy with everything then simply press the Send button. The database will automatically create an individual email to each person associated to the various lists you associated with your email and send it


Other Features:

  • Easy to use Ribbon Menu


  • The e-mail body content is a Rich Text Field allowing you to perform formatting, such as
    • Add Colors
    • Use Bold
    • Use Italic
    • Change Fonts
    • and much more…
  • You can quickly see a list of the recipients (the people associated to the list(s) you have selected for each individual email


  • You can review the sending process.  Color coded for quick analysis of the status of each recipient’s e-mail.


  • You can resend an e-mail to selected individual(s) at the simple click of a button.
  •  All the e-mails are logged.  Thus you can start an e-mail and return to finish it later.  You can review any email, resend it at any time


There are no limits to:

  • The number of children you input
  • The number of lists you create
  • The number of recipients entered
  • The number of e-mails you create and send


Buy Mass E-mailer

Mass E-mailer – Version 2014/01/23 (accde/accdr database format)

Price: $99.95


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued as the deliverable provides the complete source code.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, simply download and install the freely available runtime version:

MS Access 2007 Runtime
MS Access 2010 Runtime
Ms Access 2013 Runtime
Ms Access 2016 Runtime

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